Coney Island line adds seasonal lager

The latest beer in the sideshow-inspired line of Coney Island Craft Lagers from the Schmaltz Brewing Co. is here. It's Coney Island Freaktoberfest Blood Red Lager, timed for Halloween.

The gimmick-centric brewer, which styles its products as "He-Brew, The Chosen Beer," says "Proceeds help Coney Island USA, a 501(c)(3) Arts Non-Profit fulfill its mission to defend the honor of lost forms of American popular culture in Brooklyn’s historic Coney Island neighborhood."

Normally I don't like to automatically parrot a company's line explaining its products, but these guys try so hard it's a shame to rewrite them. For example:

"A tasty treat for Octoberfest through Halloween, Coney Island Freaktoberfest is artfully crafted to lure the spirit’s deepest rapture, conjured to exorcise the grim horrors of the armies of soulless Lagers everywhere."

The new brew has been supplied in a limited supply of 22-ounce bottles to specialty shops and select bars nationwide.

Shmaltz’s next seasonal brew, Coney Island Human Blockhead Tough-As-Nails Strong Lager, will be released in January. Its line includes three year-round products: Coney Island Albino Python White Lager, Coney Island Sword Swallower Steel Hop Lager, and its flagship Coney Island Lager.

Shmaltz Brewing Co. was established in San Francisco in 1996. Production then was moved to the Mendocino Brewing Co.’s Saratoga Springs, NY, brewery.

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