Coney Island beers a charitable effort

Let me say up front that I have never sampled any product from the Shmaltz Brewing Co.

Let me also say that I am fascinated by the naming protocols the Brooklyn, NY, brewer uses.

Its signature beer is called "HE'BREW -- The Chosen Beer." Clever stuff. And now it has nationally launched a line of five sideshow-inspired Coney Island Craft Lagers.

Three of them will be produced year-round: Coney Island Lager (5.8% alc), Albino Python white lager (6%) and Sword Swallower steel hop lager (6.8%) Two will be what the company calls "seasonal curiosities": Human Blockhead Tough-As-Nails Strong Lager (8.8%). this summer and only on draft in New York City, and Freaktoberfest blood red lager (6.66%) for Halloween in October.

According to Schmaltz proprietor Jeremy Cowan, proceeds from the beer sales will help Coney Island USA, a 501(c)(3) Arts Non-Profit in its efforts to preserve various forms of culture and popular arts in Brooklyn's historic Coney Island neighborhood.

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