May I recommend the Beanz With Balls?

Over the years I've written about sommeliers in a variety of fields. Wine, of course. Beer, water, even hot chocolate. But beans?

Ever vigilant to promote its products, the mavens at Heinz have begun a marketing campaign in the UK utilizing the pairing of beer and beans to promote their “Saucy Beanz” range.

The Pittsburgh-based food giant is using top beer connoisseurs to recommend brews that best complemented their new range, including spicy meatballs, sausages and lamb meatballs (called Beanz with Balls, as shown in the accompanying photo). Other ranges are called Red Hot Balls and Big Saucy Bangers.

So, what sorts of combinations are the beans sommelier recommending? Beers dark in color with a light malty texture to complement the heartier bean products; a dark brown ale for the red-hot beans, and a standard brown ale that will complement rather than overpower the chili seasonings in another product.

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