A-B joins Miller in chill-ing out

Imitation definitely is the sincerest form of flattery in the beverage industry. It means you're on top of a fad and a competitor wants to join you before the next fad comes along.

The latest proof of that is Anheuser-Busch's announcement that it is sending Bud Light Lime to the market. It's a natural lime-infused beer similar to the Miller Chill product rival Miller Brewing Co. took national last year, selling 450,000 barrels so far of its lime-and-salt beer.

"Our extensive consumer research indicates that the Bud Light Lime concept and taste are off the charts with today's consumers," said a company memo. "This insight will allow us to take Bud Light to the next level."

The memo said the brand's "consumer target" were light-beer drinkers ages 25 to 54 who prefer a "sweeter" beer.

Should you wonder about the use of the term "chill," it's a derivation of the Spanish chelada, meaning beer with salt and lime.

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1 comment:

Carmen Delmolino said...

Considering the direction they are headed, the purveyors of beer-like products want to take their products to the next level beyond light and ultra light, why don't they just sell us bottled water. I'm sure the American public is unsophisticated enough to buy that con.

Oh wait ... sorry, too late.