Scottish brewer crosses the whisky line

Harviestoun Brewery may not go for smooth brand names, but the Scottish company certainly doesn't shy away from innovation.

Its latest product is called Ola Dubh, gaelic for "Black Oil." It's small-batch ale matured in casks once used for aging whisky -- Highland Park 12, 16 and 30 Year Old, to be specific.

The brew itself is based on Harviestoun's award-winning Old Engine Oil. It's styled like 19th century imperial porters and stouts, but claims a specific newness -- "the first ale to be aged in malt whisky casks from a named distillery and, with traceable casks and numbered bottles, the first with genuine provenance."

Ola Dubh will be launched in the U.S. this month, initially on the East Coast and in the Midwest.

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