After workout, hydrate with ... beer?

Maybe all those sandlot softball players who flock to a tavern after games have the right idea.

A Spanish study suggests drinking a beer after exercise could do more good than drinking water.

The study was run by Granada University and tested 25 college students who were asked to perform strenuous exercises in 104-degree temperatures. Half of them were given beer afterward, the other half water. The test were conducted over several months.

The hydration effect in those who drank beer was "slightly better" than those who drank water, said Manuel Garzon, the study leader. He noted that beer can help someone who has sweat regain liquid better than water, the bubbles help quench thirst, and the carbohydrate in beer help replace lost calories.

This study contradicts others that said most alcoholic drinks increase the amount of liquid lost through urination.

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1 comment:

Vinny said...

I've heard it all now. Beer after workout? it's total b——- and i'm sure there's a bunch of meatheads all over the world (excited about) the thought of killing some beers after working out.

Get real, World, you're getting more gullible by the day!