Homebrewers competition draws 5,052 entries

The 29th annual National Homebrew Competition drew a record 5,052 entries, up more than 500 from last year's record field, continuing to make it the world's largest beer competition.

The competition divided entries intpo 28 categories. The top three finishers from 10 different regional competitions moved on to the main event in Denver, from which gold, silver and bronze medalists were chosen.

The competition also presented five major awards:

(1.) Ninkasi Award (Winningest Brewer): Jamil Zainasheff, Elk Grove, CA, QUAFF.

(2.) Homebrewer of the Year (Best-of-Show Beer): Richard Skains, Rocky River, OH.

(3.) Meadmaker of the Year (Best-of-Show Mead): Steve Fletty, Falcon Heights, MN, Saint Paul Homebrewers Club.

(4.) Cidermaker of the Year (Best-of-Show Cider): Joseph Franconi, Red Hook, NY, Hudson Valley Homebrewers.

(5.) Homebrew Club of the Year: Saint Paul Homebrewers Club, Saint Paul, MN.

The gold medalists in the 28 categories:

• Light Lager: Kristen & Orsolya England, Saint Paul, MN, Munich Helles, Saint Paul Homebrewers Club.
Pilsner: Greg & Liz Lorton, Carlsbad, CA, Classic American Pilsner, QUAFF.
European Amber Lager: Jason Green, Reno, NV, Oktoberfest/Märzen, Washoe Zephyr Zymurgists.
Dark Lager: Steve and Dan Munch, Portland, OR, Schwarzbier (Black Beer), PDX Brewers
Bock: Jamil Zainasheff, Elk Grove, CA, Doppelbock, QUAFF.
Light Hybrid Beer: Ramon Astamendi, San Diego, CA, Kölsch, QUAFF.
Amber Hybrid Beer: Philip Denlinger, Monsey, NY, Düsseldorf Altbier, Hudson Valley Homebrewers.
English Pale Ale: Joseph Formanek, Bolingbrook, IL, Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale), Urban Knaves of Grain.
Scottish and Irish Ale:Kristen & Orsolya England, Saint Paul, MN, Scottish Light 60/-, Saint Paul Homebrewers Club.
American Ale: Bob Barrett, Kim Barrett, Ann Arbor, MI, American Pale Ale, Ann Arbor Brewers Guild.
English Brown Ale: Jamil Zainasheff, Elk Grove, CA, Southern English Brown Ale, QUAFF.
Porter: BJ Haun, St Paul, MN, Robust Porter, Saint Paul Homebrewers Club.
• Stout: Rob Beck, Pancho Luna & Philip Leonard, Kansas City, MO, Russian Imperial Stout, Kansas City Bier.
India Pale Ale (IPA): Paul Long, Newberg, OR, American IPA, Strange Brew Homebrew Club.
German Wheat and Rye Beer: Rodney Kibzey, Liz Lerch, Lombard, IL, Weizenbock, Urban Knaves of Grain.
• Belgian and French Ale: Gordon Schuck, Steamboat Springs, CO, Saison.
Sour Ale: Jamil Zainasheff, Elk Grove, CA, Flanders Red Ale, QUAFF.
Belgian Strong Ale: John Applegarth, Grand Rapids, MI, Belgian Strong Dark Ale, PrimeTime Brewers.
Strong Ale: Bob Daugherty, Rob Kolacny, Pearland, TX, American Barleywine, Foam Rangers Homebrew Club.
Fruit Beer: Greg Fowler, Hamilton, MI, Apricot Wheat.
Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer: Kevin Presson, Abingdon, MD, Strong Scotch Ale with Roasted Jalapeño Peppers, Libation Association of Northern Maryland.
Smoke-Flavored and Wood-Aged Beer: Brian St. Clair, Cincinnati, OH, Oak-Aged Flanders Red, Bloatarian Brewing League.
Specialty Beer: Richard Skains, Rocky River, OH, Specialty Beer, Alder Smoked Bock with Chipolte Peppers.
Traditional Mead: Edward Walkowski, Dalton, PA, Orange Blossom Mead, S.A.A.Z. (Scranton Area Amateur Zymologists).
Melomel (Fruit Mead): Steve Fletty, Falcon Heights, MN, Pyment (Grape Melomel), Saint Paul Homebrewers Club.
Other Mead: Byron Burch, Santa Rosa, CA, Lime and Spearmint Mead, Sonoma Beerocrats.
Standard Cider and Perry : Joseph Franconi, Red Hook, NY, English Cider, Hudson Valley Homebrewers.
Specialty Cider and Perry: Gary Awdey, Eden, NY, Cider with Spices.

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