Foster's: American for beer

"Foster's. Australian for beer."

That, said in a manly snarl, has become a familiar tagline for commercials for the popular Aussie brew. It may have to be changed.

Under a new 10-year licensing agreement between Foster's Group Ltd. and the Miller Brewing Co., an American company, Foster's lager will be brewed in the U.S. for the first time, beginning in November.

Miller will brew Foster's at facilities in Fort Worth, TX, and Albany, GA. Previously, it had been produced for the U.S. market by Molson Coors of Canada. Molson will continue to produce Foster's Lager for the Canadian market.

A Foster's spokesman said annual sales of Foster's Lager in the U.S. have run about six to seven milion cases. He said Foster's Lager would be positioned as a "trade up" brand for mainstream beer drinkers -- above U.S. domestic beer brands but below premium imported European brands.

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