Beer history, from BC to TV

April 7 will be a day of celebration for beer lovers, be they on the brewing or consuming end of the chain. That is the 74th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition on beer.

The A&E cable TV channel has scheduled a showing of "The American Brew" for 10 o'clock that night. The documentary, commissioned by Anheuser-Busch, covers the evolution of beer through the centuries, with particular emphasis on U.S. colonial times right through today.

The documentary was produced and directed by filmmaker Roger Sherman, whose documentaries have received a variety of major honors, including a Peabody Award, an Emmy Award and two Academy Award nominations.

"Viewers will see everything from beer being brewed in a fireplace in colonial Williamsburg to 20-foot hop vines in northern Idaho and a behind-the-scenes look at judging beer at the World Beer Cup in Seattle," Sherman said.

Following its national debut on April 7, "The American Brew" DVD will be made available for sale at beer stores and taverns across the country. The special-edition DVD includes 42 minutes of extra footage and interviews.

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