Mass.'s Berkshires getting another microbrewery

The Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts are getting another microbrewery, with the announcement that the Cold River Brewing Co. will be setting up shop in the old mill city of North Adams.

The facility will only make beer, unlike the nearby Barrington Brewery and Pittsfield Brew Works which also offer food on site. Cold River will produce craft beers, made with 100% barley or wheat malt. Plans call for initial production two days a week during its first year, with a 7,500-barrel output.

Christopher Post, of Becket, MA, and partners Allan Duvall, Chris Cuzme and Alex Hall, all of New York City, submitted the application for a 15-barrel microbrewery to be located in a 4,000-square-foot space once occupied by the Delftree Mushroom Factory's sanitation and packaging facility. Their proposal is scheduled to go before the city planning board on March 12.

Post, a native of the United Kingdom who was an investment banker, became a brewmaster in 2005 and worked at the Chelsea Brewing Co. in Manhattan and the Greenpoint Beer Works in Brooklyn, where Duvall was the brewmaster.

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Becky said...

So glad to see more development for North Adams. I've lived in the area for two years and I love it more all the time!

Anonymous said...

I am 30...just moved to North Adams and LOVE IT! Good food, friendly folks...coffee, soup, and sandwiches at the Cup & Saucer are amazing. Everyone within 3 hours of here should take a trip to Mass MoCA sometime in their lives. I am so happy about this article. Come see us!

Janice said...

I'm a North Adams fan and I can't wait for this new establishment to open up. North Adams is a great place; its really become interesting. There's already lots of good dining and of course MoCA. The MCLA students add a unique dimension that can be found nowhere else in the Berkshires. Now it'll have yet another destination. H