'Man Law' campaign repealed

We may be a nation of laws, as politicians are fond of pronouncing, but "Man Laws" no longer count.

Miller Brewing Co. has stopped, at least for now, its popular advertising campaign that revolved around macho types (such as Jerome Bettis, left, and Burt Reynolds seen here) sitting at a table making "Man Law" decisions to guide the behavior of the gender.

Reason? No evidence that the campaign has done anything to boost sales of Miller Lite.

"The competition has intensified within the segment so we've made a decision to transition to point out how and why Miller is different from the others," Pete Marino, spokesman for Miller, said in a press statement.

Miller says nearly half its beer sales come from the Miller Lite line, but sales have been lagging. SABMiller PLC, the London company that owns Miller, said Miller Lite sales rose 1.5 percent in the fourth quarter of 2006 after declining slightly earlier in the year.

The company said the "Man Law" campaign might return at the start of football season in the fall. The ads, which featured the likes of former football coach Jimmy Johnson and (seen here) football player Jerome Bettis and actor/ex-college football player Burt Reynolds, as well as various other "he-man" personalities, spawned a fan Web site.

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1 comment:

Jeff Alworth said...

Note to MillerSAB: brew better beer.

Ta da!