Guinness getting colorful

"Barkeep, draw me a nice red Guinness."

Words never before uttered in the English language, but they're coming.

Diageo, the worldwide drinks conglomerate that owns the iconic Dublin brewery, is planning to test market in various UK spots a new version of the stout called Guinness Red, using toasted -- rather than roasted -- malt.

Guinness Red is the first major new launch since Extra Cold was introduced in pubs in 1999. There already are three Guinness variants selling in the UK — Draught, Original and Foreign Extra Stout. The original Guinness, still the major seller, is black with a distinctive thick white head.

“We can confirm (the new product)," said Katrina Ward, Guinness spokesperson. "It is a new variant of Guinness, lightly roasted for a rich red colour and a well-balanced bitter sweet character."

For the moment, the new product will be confined to taps, with no immediate plans to put it in cans or bottles.

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