Cider (and perry) pub honored

Not all brews are beers or ales. In the view of such organizations as Britain's Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), cider and perry are important, too.

Thus, when CAMRA picked its "Cider Pub of the Year," it was a legitimate honor, in this case going to the Old Poets’ Corner pub (seen here) in Ashover, Derbyshire.

Husband-wife Kim and Jackie Beresford bought the stone-built establishment in June 2004 and now offer up to five ciders and at least one perry. The honor was announced as a lead-in to Britain's National Cider Month and Cider Week that begin on Saturday, Oct. 14.

Three other cider pubs were honored -- the Penrhyn Arms in Penrynside, Conwy, Wales; the Banham Barrel in Banham, Norfolk, and the Square & Compass in Worth Matravers.

Cider in the UK is what in the U.S. is known as hard cider. It's an alcoholic drink made from crushed and then fermented apples. It is made from apples grated, mashed then pressed, then fermented in oak vats with natural or added yeasts. It usually has an alcohol content of more than 5%, stronger than most beers.

Perry is made from pear juice that has undergone two different kinds of fermentation. The first is created by natural or added yeasts. The second, the malo-lactic fermentation, is carried out by lactic acid bacteria present in the pear juice.

For details on both cider and perry, try this site.

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