A new Tsingtao is U.S.-bound

The brewers of Tsingtao aren't letting the general malaise in beer sales water down their enthusiasm. They're following a good rollout in China of Tsingtao Pure Draft bottled beer with a push in the U.S. this summer.

Barton Beers and Monarch Import Co. are behind the move, buoyed by the fact that consumer acceptance in China has been so strong. Tsingtao Pure Draft is made in China using a "chill-filtered" brewing process for the non-pasteurized draft. The hops are imported, but the water is from springs in China's Laoshan Mountains.

The beer will be available in 11.2 oz. and 21.6 oz. bottles, with the ad campaign including all the usual paraphernalia -- banners, print ads, logo-branded merchandise.

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