Juju had its mojo working in Berlin

There's joy in Ghana, thanks to news from the Green Festival trade fair in Berlin.

A non-alcoholic beer called "juju" from the African nation racked up rave reviews from most judges, including some delegates from the European Union and the German Ministry of Agriculture.

The beer is made with palm kernels, passion fruit and banana flavoring. David Tagoe, an exhibitor who is of mixed Ghanaian (dad) and German (mom) heritage, played off a long family tradition of brewing in Africa during which the juju formula was devised for a beverage to serve at celebrations and other events, reports the Ghanian Chronicle.

The 80-year old fair, officially titled International Green Week Berlin 2006, was marked by 1,639 exhibitors from 53 countries. It has become a prime international trade fair for the food industry, agriculture and horticulture, and attracts several hundred thousand consumers, creating crowds such as the one shown here.

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